Why do my cigars taste bad

Cigars secrets: Why do my cigars taste bad?

If you’ve been smoking cigars for a while, you’ve probably had a bad experience or two. Maybe you picked up a stogie that was past its prime, or maybe you didn’t store your cigars properly and they dried out. Whatever the reason, cigar problems are frustrating.

Bad cigars can spoil your mood and ruin your smoking experience, so it’s important to know how to avoid them. In this article, we’ll take a look at three of the most common cigar problems: Weevil and Moho We’ll also give you some tips on how to avoid them.

1. Weevil

What is it?

It is also known as Lasioderma Serricone. It is well known for the damage it does to the tobacco industry. The larvae of this insect feed on cigars or dried tobacco leaves (hence it is popularly known as the tobacco weevil).

The climate that favors its development and reproduction is more similar to the tropical climate, with temperatures ranging from 20º to 38º C. Given these conditions, it could even develop throughout the year. Otherwise, both larvae and adults die at temperatures below 15º C.

Who to avoid it?

No one is safe from being attacked by this pest, however, you can keep checking your humidor and the cigars inside it. In case you have a weevil infestation, you must keep in mind that it dies by exposure to low temperatures, not by insecticides or pesticides, since these would affect and ruin the tobacco and the humidor. Therefore, what you should do is to freeze the cigars at the same time that you disinfect the humidor.

2. Moho

What is it?

Fungi (molds) are microscopic organisms that live on plant or animal matter. They help in the decomposition of dead matter and recycle nutrients in the environment. They are present virtually everywhere and can be found growing on organic matter such as soil, food and plant matter. In order to reproduce, molds produce spores, which are spread through the air, water or by insects. These spores act as seeds and can promote new mold growth if conditions are right.

Who to avoid it?

Mainly the appearance of mold is generated in the humidor, that’s why we give you these tips:

  • Do not over-handle your cigars. Your hands may have mold spores that can thrive in a humidor environment. 
  • Don’t fill your humidor with too many cigars. They are meant to hold a certain number, but overfilling a humidor can impede airflow and lead to a stagnant environment in which mold and mildew thrive. 
  • Keep a close eye on the humidity levels inside your humidor. Many Klaro humidors have built-in hygrometers. Ideally, humidity should be maintained between 65 and 72%. 
  • Keep your humidor in a cool, dark place, out of the sun.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your humidor and re-season as needed.

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